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Next Move: Level 1: Student's Book with MyEnglishLab   Carolyn Barraclough and Katherine Stannett

Next Move: Level 1: Student's Book with MyEnglishLab

220x280 128 страниц. 2013 год.
Pearson Education Limited
Next Move Student's Book consists of: - Starter Unit - Nine units of one lesson per page - Three Review units - Nine Brain Trainer pages - Six Culture pages Next Move MyEnglishLab is a complete and comprehensive set of practice materials for the student to use independently at home or in the digital classroom. It provides students with reinforcement and extra practice of grammar, vocabulary and skills through a wide range of exercises and varied activity types. While in structure it mirrors the Students' Book, MyEnglishLab also provides students with an extensive full-colour reference section covering Grammar, Speaking and Listening and Pronunciation. It is ideal for mixed-ability groups as activities are classified with stars according to their level of difficulty. It should be possible for all students to complete the one-star activities, while two-star activities are aimed at the average students. Work is assigned digitally and student scores are recorded in the Gradebook to be...
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