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Global Competition Law and Economics   Einer Elhauge and Damien Geradin

Global Competition Law and Economics

1170 страниц. 2007 год.
Hart Publishing
Modern antitrust law is global antitrust law. Markets are becoming increasingly global, or at least multinational. Mergers between large corporations must typically get approval in both the United States and in the EU, and other nations too. Cartels in one nation affect supply in others, and countries are increasingly entering into treaties with each other about the content or enforcement of competition laws. Thus, businesspeople, lawyers, and lawmakers can no longer content themselves with understanding only the antitrust and competition law of their home country. Modern antitrust law also differs from traditional antitrust law in that it now reflects the dominance of the economic model of analysing antitrust and competition policy. Against this background, this new casebook represents the first comprehensive effort to examine US and EC competition law cases and decisions within a common analytical framework strongly based on economic theory. It is an innovative casebook addressed to...
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