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Join In: Teacher's Book 4   Gunter Gerngross, Herbert Puchta

Join In: Teacher's Book 4

195x260 48 страниц. 2001 год.
Cambridge University Press
Some comments from teachers: "The content is interesting, and the activities are varied and stimulating". "It's a creative, motivating and well-structured course based on well-researched concepts and principles. I do believe that students using it will benefit in many ways and teachers will find pleasure in working with it". "Join In" is a course for young learners of English. It consists of three levels, plus an optional Starter level. Its varied activities hold children's interest. It is easy to use, for teachers and pupils. It has a communicative approach, so that children use English in a meaningful way. It is based on principles of "Multiple Intelligences", a proven way of helping children to learn better. Children will love Toby the Tiger, who brings the stories and songs to life.
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