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Intermediate Level Japanese Grammar: 20 Most Basic Points   Tomomatsu Etsuko, Wakuri Masako

Intermediate Level Japanese Grammar: 20 Most Basic Points

185x260 344 страниц. 2007 год.
3A Corporation
A sister publication to "Tanki Shuchu Shokyu Nihongo Bunpo Somatome Pointo 20" ("Crash Course in Japanese Grammar: 20 Most Basic Points"), here is a review exercise book that allows the learner to get a good overview of grammar at the intermediate level. The main areas of study are divided into twenty chapters, and cover such areas as the study of particles, the most important points related to complex sentences, expressions used to convey feelings in different ways, and devices to assist the learner take an active role in Japanese society. Each chapter begins with a starting test, following by an explanation of the most important points and examples related to the subject under study, a confirmation test, and finally a review exercise making the learner think how the structures are used in text or sentences. All vocabulary, chapter headings, grammatical explanations, etc., are translated into English, Chinese and Korean.
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