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Fast Track Classics: The Phantom of the Opera: Upper Intermediate (+ CD)   Gaston Leroux

Fast Track Classics: The Phantom of the Opera: Upper Intermediate (+ CD)

150x210 56 страниц. 2007 год.
Marshall Cavendish
FAST TRACK CLASSICS are a quick way into a range of exciting stories, from the chilling tale of FRANKENSTEIN to the gripping adventure of TREASURE ISLAND and the powerful animal story of CALL OF THE WILD. These stories are shortened versions of the classic novels, which, along with the accompanying CDs, lose none of the strength and flavour of the originals. Each story has a full glossary at the back of the book and comprehension, vocabulary and language activities for each title are available on www.fasttrackclassics.com. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, by Gaston Leroux, was written in 1909. A young singer, Christine Daae, makes a triumphant debut at the Opera - then disappears. What has happened to her, and could the mysterious opera ghost be to blame? Christine's lover, Raoul de Chagny, spies a mysterious stranger shadowing her and decides to follow... Retold by Pauline Francis.
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