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Oxford Beginner's Russian Dictionary  

Oxford Beginner's Russian Dictionary

130x195 352 страниц. 2006 год.
Oxford University Press
This dictionary represents a departure from traditional dictionaries on several fronts. It looks different; it provides essential information in a new way; the two sides of the dictionary have very different functions. It looks different. The dictionary page is refreshingly uncluttered. Subdivisions of text are clearly indicated by the use of new lines, bullet points, and numbers. The move from one language to another in translations is explicitly indicated with = signs and points of basic grammar or usage are reinforced using the ! sign. It provides essential information in a new way. Every effort has been made to approach the foreign language from the point of view of the beginner who maybe unfamiliar with the conventions of the more traditional bilingual dictionary. Parts of speech and grammatical terms are given in full and there is a glossary providing explanations of all the terms used. Basic grammatical issues are dealt with in short notes...
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