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A l'heure actuelle: Dossiers de civilisation francaise (+ CD)   Lucia Bonato

A l'heure actuelle: Dossiers de civilisation francaise (+ CD)

195x265 128 страниц. 2003 год.
A l'heure actuelle is a cultural studies book aimed at false beginner- and intermediate-level students (A2-B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference). The volume is lively and flexible, and covers the society and the territory, and analysis of the culture and daily life, with particular attention to topics which are of interest to the needs and interests of students in the first years of secondary school. With this in mind, the dossiers provide numerous texts and young people's points of view, through short interviews. A l'heure actuelle doesn't only deal with topics aimed at the tastes and interests of teenagers but also provides a wide view of the geographical and historical background, without having to repeat the texts specific to the final three years of secondary school. The contents is organised in 7 topic-based dossiers, within which 'planet France' is introduced and considered from many different points of view. It starts with a wide approach to...
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