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You and Me: Activity Book 2   Naomi Simmons

You and Me: Activity Book 2

220x275 96 страниц. 2007 год.
Macmillan Education
YOU AND ME is a two-level topic-based course for young children learning English for the first time. The topics reflect the world of pre-school children and provide a natural context in which to present language. The course offers considerable flexibility in order to make the most productive use of material within different classroom situations. YOU AND ME is a fully-integrated course which incorporates an extensive phonics, reading, writing and numeracy programme. Key features: appealing course characters and enjoyable stories ensure motivation for the children. language is presented through a variety of exciting and enjoyable activities. units follow a regular pattern giving the children a sense of security. skills of reading and writing are systematically developed. memorable songs, chants and raps develop listening and speaking skills. fun and easy-to-use craft activities help children to learn by doing.
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