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Cambridge Movers 3: Answer Booklet  

Cambridge Movers 3: Answer Booklet

32 страниц. 2003 год.
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge Young Learners English Tests are designed to evaluate the English level of primary learners aged 7 to 12 - and make testing fun. They consist of three key levels of assessment: "Starters", "Movers" and "Flyers". This Answer Booklet accompanies a collection of three genuine Movers past papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. These colourful test papers contain engaging activities and attractive illustrations to motivate young learners at this level. They also provide an excellent opportunity for children, parents and teachers alike to familiarise themselves with the format of the test. The Answer Booklet includes a useful overview of the Movers test, answers to the questions, transcripts of the recorded material and a thematic vocabulary list. It also contains helpful examples of the type of interchange to expect in the Speaking test. Формат издания: 21 см х 29,5 см.
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