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War With Hannibal: Authentic Latin Prose for the Beginning Student   Brian Beyer

War With Hannibal: Authentic Latin Prose for the Beginning Student

155x235 128 страниц. 2009 год.
Yale University Press
This edition of Book III of Eutropius's Breviarium ab urbe condita is designed to be a student's first encounter with authentic, unabridged Latin prose. Written in a simple and direct style, the Breviarium covers the period of Roman history that students find the most interesting - the Second Punic War fought against Carthage - and the original Latin text is supplemented with considerable learning support. Full annotations on every page, detailed commentary on grammar and syntax, and a glossary designed specifically for the text allow students to build both their confidence and their reading skills. The commentary in the back of the book is cross-referenced to the following commonly used textbooks: Wheelock's Latin, 6th Edition; Latin: An Intensive Course by Moreland and Fleischer; Ecce Romani II, 3rd Edition; Latin for Americans, Level 2; Jenney's Second Year Latin; Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar. Macrons have been added to the...
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