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Use Tomorrow's Money to Fulfil Today's Dream (+ CD)  

Use Tomorrow's Money to Fulfil Today's Dream (+ CD)

170x220 138 страниц. 2009 год.
Beijing Language and Culture University Press
"I don't know many words, so surely I can't read any other Chinese articles except the ones in the textbook!" "Chinese characters are too difficult! It's quite out of the question to read a Chinese article!" Hi, guys! How long have you learned Chinese language? Did you ever think in this way? Did you lose your heart once in a while? Yes, you may have encountered too difficult Chinese characters and an overwhelming number of new words. If you want to learn China and read interesting stories written in Chinese, where is the right book besides the textbook in hand? Please tell us first what your ideal book is. "I don't want to read these unnatural sentences, neither do I want to read things always about having lunch or having a class at school. There are not many exercises in the book. I only want to relax and read this book while waiting for the bus or waiting for the subway. I don't want to read this book from the beginning to the end, either. Instead, I just...
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