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Watching the Movie and Learning Chinese: Shower (+ DVD)  

Watching the Movie and Learning Chinese: Shower (+ DVD)

185x260 66 страниц. 2008 год.
Beijing Language and Culture University Press
The movie "Shower" depicts the sentimental reluctance of the Chinese people to part with their conventional lifestyle and ideology against the background of a fast-developing modern society. With its touching story and profound implications, this highly acclaimed movie has won a number of national and international awards, and has been chosen by many universities as materials for their TCFL audio-visual classes. This book selects 6 excerpts from the movie, adds detailed annotation and provides diversified exercises based on the audio-visual materials. The accompanying DVD contains 2 versions of the movie: a complete version to be watched for appreciation, and a reedited version for use in the classroom. The book is best suited for learners of Chinese with a vocabulary of 1500 words, and can be used for class as well as for self study.
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