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Captain Jack 1 Plus: Pupil's Book (+ Multi-ROM, наклейки, вырубки)   Jill Leighton

Captain Jack 1 Plus: Pupil's Book (+ Multi-ROM, наклейки, вырубки)

Captain Jack
275x220 122 страниц. 2011 год.
Macmillan Education
"Captain Jack 1" is the second part of this three-level story-based course for Pre-primary. In "Captain Jack 1", Jack and friends visit popular locations such as the park or the beach, and meaningful stories ensure pupils are educated in values. Meaningful, fun stories that mix fantasy and the real world plus catchy songs your pupils will love. A global approach to English with photographic My World lessons in every unit that focus on cross-curricular areas such as hygiene and the natural environment. A focus on the Basic Competences: in addition to linguistic competence, "Captain Jack 1" covers competences in other areas like maths, art and emotional intelligence to ensure development of the whole child. A Phonics activity in every unit introduces and practises a new sound in English. "Captain Jack" has a graduated approach to learning colours and numbers in English from day one, and a systematic approach to pre-literacy, starting with fine motor...
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