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Motivate! Workbook Pack: Level 1 (+ 2 CD)   Emma Heyderman & Fiona Mauchline

Motivate! Workbook Pack: Level 1 (+ 2 CD)

220x275 144 страниц. 2013 год.
Macmillan Education
The Workbook Pack includes practice activities, new material and reference material and is accompanied by two CDs. The Writing guide steps help students with the preparation with their own written text. Reading in the unit contains information about an aspect of Culture from an English-speaking country related to the theme of the unit. A 4-level course for secondary and for schools with fewer contact hours (2-3 per week). It starts at A1 and ends at B1. The course will meet different sales and marketing needs primarily in our CEE markets (incl. Russia and Turkey, Kazakhstan and Ukraine) and will be treated as replacement/alternative to Smash and Tempo. Some markets will be looking to reach out to new segments of secondary, others will be targeting whole new markets that we're not present in, and finally, just having an alternative course for this segment to take to our customers is seen as a welcome opportunity to increase Macmillan's market share in lower secondary. The...
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