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  Gareth Knight, Mark O'Neil

Business Explorer Level 3 Students Book

128 страниц. 2003 год.
Business Explorer is an exciting three level course in American English for learners of Business English. With an emphasis on listening and speaking but with many opportunities for reading and writing, Business Explorer addresses learners’ everyday language needs in business situations. Business Explorer 3 is for pre-intermediate to intermediate learners. It consists of fifteen units which cover a wide range of business topics. Key features of the course include: • authentic business settings • communicative activities which encourage learners to make a personal response to the material • realistic learning aims so learners are able to achieve their objectives • emphasis on student to student interaction creating a supportive and positive learning atmosphere • Review units which revise, recycle and consolidate language learnt in previous units • Help folders which offer extra language practice, vocabulary building and reference material relating to the unit giving flexibility to the...
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