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Now I'm Reading! Pre-Reader: My World (комплект из 10 книг + наклейки)   Nora Gaydos, B. B. Sams

Now I'm Reading! Pre-Reader: My World (комплект из 10 книг + наклейки)

125x130 130 страниц. 2015 год.
Random House
START LEARNING TO READ WHILE HAVING FUN! Zany illustrations, funny animal stories, and teacher-approved learning methods come together in this collection of 10 story booklets for young pre-readers to enjoy. Learn about rhyming words with a monkey and his mother, or different kinds of movement with an adventurous kitten! Each of the stories in this Now I'm Reading! Pre-Reader book focuses on a specific early-learning concept (like opposites, farm animals, and movement) and combines easy, fun stories with zany illustrations. Simple, patterned text and strong picture cues give just the right amount of support to the earliest readers. Includes 10 story booklets, 40 incentive stickers, "Words to Know" and "Stretch Your Mind" activity sections, and a parent guide. Perfect for ages 3 and up! Books in the NIR Pre-Reader Level focus on read-along stories, strong picture clues, predictable patterned text, and letter and sound recognition. Предлагаемый комплект упакован в папку,...
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