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Snapshot Starter: Teacher's Book   Fran Linley, Brian Abbs, Chris Barker, Ingrid Freebairn

Snapshot Starter: Teacher's Book

210x295 288 страниц. 1997 год.
Contains unit-by-unit lesson notes, interleaved with the relevant Students' Book pages; Notes include suggestions on how to handle the material, answer keys to the practice exercises, tapescripts of the listening materials and ideas for extra activities such as games; Follow-up sections give suggestions for extra language practice which may be set for homework; At appropriate places in the lesson notes, an alternative procedure is suggested for presenting language to more able students; Photocopiable tests are provided at the end of every five units; An alphabetical list of vocabulary and expressions, with phonetic transcriptions, is included; Answer keys to the Photocopiable Tests, the separate Test Book and to the Language Booster exercises are provided.
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