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Start with English: Pupil's Book B   Frances Bates-Treloar, Steve Thompson

Start with English: Pupil's Book B

Young Learners Go!
88 страниц. 2006 год.
Marshall Cavendish
"Start with English" helps young learners use English fluently and confidently. It provides a lively and thorough foundation in English and makes learning English meaningful to young learners. The Pupil's Book teaches reading, listening and speaking skills in the context of interesting and meaningful themes. Vocabulary and structure boxes allow easy access to main learning points. Every task has a clear skills focus and learning outcome. Guide notes at the bottom of each page indicate the objective of each activity. Signposts guide teachers and learners to correlated activities in the Workbook. Items introduced earlier are reinforced and new items practiced through a different skill, activating a different intelligence. Revision units consolidate learning and provide summative assessments to prepare learners for tests. Формат: 21,5 см x 28 см
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