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Mighty Movers: Pupil's Book: Level A1   Viv Lambert and Wendy Superfine

Mighty Movers: Pupil's Book: Level A1

Young Learners English
210x295 88 страниц. 2007 год.
Дельта Паблишинг
Mighty Movers. Pupils Book. 1 is an activity-based course suitable for 9 to 11 year olds that provides over 80 hours of classroom work and makes learning English and preparing for the Test fun! Mighty Movers is ideal preparation for the Cambridge ESOL YLE Movers test as well as being an excellent course for any young learner: - It covers all the topics, vocabulary and structures listed in the Movers syllabus - It offers a wide variety of motivating activities, picture stories and characters appropriate for the age level of the pupils - It provides listening and speaking dialogues, using role play and communicative activities - It contains engaging activities to practise all four skills with reading and writing activities introduced in natural progression - It contains a variety of language practice activities, using practical ideas including stories with cut-outs and songs - The Activity Book provides further class practice, home...
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