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Italian Grammar in Practice: Exercises-Tests-Games   Susanna Nocchi

Italian Grammar in Practice: Exercises-Tests-Games

210x275 256 страниц. 2008 год.
Alma Edizioni
A book for English speaking students who want to practice Italian grammar in a complete and successful way. AH the main rules of Italian are clearly illustrated with essential grammar tables. The exercises, quizzes and games not only "train" the students to use the language, but also provide them with interesting information about Italian life, society, culture and history. The most useful and most frequently used forms are presented with great care, both in the introduction to the rules and in the exercises. Idioms, slang and typical expressions of spoken Italian are also presented and practiced. Some useful progress tests help students to score and check their level. The volume has answer keys. It is for elementary, intermediate and advanced level students.
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