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For Real Intermediate Teacher’s Book + 3 Class CDs + Interactive Book DVD-ROM   Hobbs M., Keddle J.S.

For Real Intermediate Teacher’s Book + 3 Class CDs + Interactive Book DVD-ROM

208 страниц. 2010 год.
For Real is a brand new series that builds upon the popular appeal of Get Real. Written specifically for young adults, the series is pitchperfect for the needs of students around the world today - contemporary topics, language coverage that helps them talk about the subjects that matter most, plus all the input they need to grow in confidence and ability. For Real hits all the right notes for teachers as well, offering a robust core syllabus closely aligned to Common European Framework objectives… and an impressive range of additional material – on paper, on DVD, on Whiteboard technology and online – so you have the options, choice and variety you need. FOR REAL TEACHER’S BOOKS + CLASS CDs All you need to run your lessons effectively, with background notes on teaching methodology and up-to-date cultural information. FOR REAL INTERACTIVE BOOKS Take For Real to a whole new level with Whiteboard technology! Present your course on the ‘big screen’, manipulate the materials and access...
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