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New Fowler Use of English 2: Student's Book   W. S. Fowler

New Fowler Use of English 2: Student's Book

205x270 224 страниц. 2002 год.
New Editions
This title presents a two-part course providing a graded, step-by-step approach to successful handling of each of the five types of question students will encounter in Paper 3 of the revised Cambridge Proficiency examination. "New Fowler Proficiency Use of English 1 and 2" has been completely rewritten to take into account the radical changes in the form of the examination that will come into force in December 2002. Over 60 per cent of the material is entirely new. Key features of each book include: in-depth coverage of each of the five parts of the Use of English paper with particular attention paid to the comprehension and summary units covered in Part 5 of the paper; and, recycling between parts to provide consolidation of essential grammatical and lexical points.
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