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Project 4: Workbook   Tom Hutchinson

Project 4: Workbook

215x275 88 страниц. 2011 год.
Oxford University Press
Project is a five-level English course which starts from beginner level and is based on the principle of creating interest in young minds through motivating topics which bring English to life. Its key features are: A grammar-based, analytical approach which encourages students to think for themselves within a supportive framework. Language presented in stimulating, realistic contexts reflecting the real-life situations in which students will want to use their English. Integrated skills development from the start of the course. Cross-curricular project work which encourages students to communicate in English about their own lives and experiences. A strong cultural element throughout the course on life in Britain and other English-speaking countries. An emphasis on learner independence through the Student's Book Progress diary and Workbook Progress check. Songs, puzzles and games for lively language...
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