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Happy Earth: Class Book 1   Bill Bowler and Sue Parminter

Happy Earth: Class Book 1

220x275 80 страниц. 2001 год.
Oxford University Press
HAPPY EARTH is a two-level topic-based course for children who are ready to build on early reading and writing. It is suitable for use after Happy Street, and extends the vocabulary and structures from the first years of English. Through a wide range of factual information, it develops the children's language skills and awareness of the world. Class Book Topic-based units with world information, animal fun, and fantasy. Reading texts with an authentic feel. Songs, chants, and "make-and-do" activities with a language focus. A puzzle adventure story, "Where on Earth?", giving a flavour of culture in different countries. 4 "Do you remember?" revision sections. 4 optional "Read all about it! " extended reading sections. 2 plays for acting in small groups.
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