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  Anne Smith, Judy Ling

MPH! 4B SB Intl

88 страниц. 2006 год.
"My Pals are Here! English" is a six-level programme for young learners. Based on a thematic and communicative approach, it makes the learning of English a fun and rewarding experience. Developed on a scope and sequence that meets the requirements of English syllabuses for primary schools, the programme is designed to prepare pupils to succeed in international as well as school-based exams. Let's Do It! activities provide immediate, focused practice. Hands On! tasks in tear-out sheets provide integrated practice. A systematic phonics programme helps pupils learn to read and spell fast and accurately. Words I Know section lists the target vocabulary and provides an easy reference. What I Have Learnt section summarises the main grammar and communication items. Audio CDs provide recordings of all reading, listening and phonics texts and word lists.
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