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Market Leader: Elementary Business English Test File   Christine Johnson

Market Leader: Elementary Business English Test File

40 страниц. 2004 год.
Longman, Pearson Education Limited
Business is changing faster now than ever. Market Leader Elementary is part of a distinctive multi-level business English course which reflects this global change. Drawing on the extensive media assets of the Financial Times and other sources, it offers a highly authoritative and flexible range of materials for business English learners worldwide. Essential business content and skills: Critical business issues of our time: topics include work and leisure, travel and the Web. Thorough treatment of basic structures and vocabulary. Case studies in each Course Book unit for real practice of key business skills. Choice and flexibility: Wide range of components to support teachers, and offer choice and flexibility: Practice File, Test File, cassettes/audio CDs; Teacher's Resource Book with extra photocopiable materials. The Test File provides 5 photocopiable tests - an entry test, 3 progress tests and an exit test. It...
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