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Insight into PET: Student's Book with Answers   Helen Naylor, Stuart Hagger

Insight into PET: Student's Book with Answers

220x275 160 страниц. 2008 год.
Cambridge University Press
"Insight into PET" prepares candidates for the updated PET exam (from March 2004). Helpfully organised paper by paper, this short course combines thorough exam coverage with snappy units to give students a clear sense of progress and achievement. It builds up essential exam skills and language logically and thoroughly, giving candidates the real confidence and know-how to tackle PET material. The course includes integrated exam practice plus one complete test, ensuring students know just what to expect when they turn over their exam paper. It also features a grammar file with clear explanations and examples as well as additional practice of essential PET-level grammar. Supplementary activities, for use in the classroom or at home, provide the flexibility to extend lessons or take the headache out of homework planning for busy teachers. The course is available with or without answers.
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