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The Super and Duper: Starter Book: Teacher's Book   Sophia Zaphiropoulos

The Super and Duper: Starter Book: Teacher's Book

210x275 40 страниц. 2000 год.
New Editions
"The Super and Duper Starter Book" has been specially written and designed to introduce children to the way English letters are formed and pronounced. Pupils are shown how to write the letters of the alphabet and at the same time learn valuable vocabulary that is used in most primary course books. After learning both upper and lower case letters, the pupils are taught colours and the numbers 1-10. "The Super and Duper Starter Book" is accompanied by a pupil's cassette which provides clear examples of the pronunciation of each of the letters. The vocabulary items are taught through lively songs and music. "The Super and Duper Starter Book" can be used as an introduction to all primary course books.
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