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Everyday Idioms for Reference and Practice: Book 2   Ronald E. Feare

Everyday Idioms for Reference and Practice: Book 2

215x275 176 страниц. 1997 год.
Pearson Education
Do you wish you had a way with words? Would you like to carry on a conversation without missing a beat? Do you want to liven up your English? Have you set your sights on fluency? Here's the answer! EVERYDAY IDIOMS - BOOK TWO, with close to 600 common idioms organized into concise thematic categories, brings the challenge of learning typical American English expressions within any student's reach. Each unit provides opportunities for listening, speaking, and writing to ensure that students move from recognizing and understanding idioms to using them more fluently. Clear definitions and examples, as well as notes on usage and grammatical structure, are provided. Five review units reinforce correct use of idioms from mixed categories through a variety of activities including crossword puzzles.
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