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Cambridge Preliminary English Test 4 with Answers  

Cambridge Preliminary English Test 4 with Answers

190x245 160 страниц. 2009 год.
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press is the only official publisher of PET exam papers from Cambridge ESOL - an essential part of any PET preparation course. Do you want to approach the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) with confidence? Then you need to familiarize yourself thoroughly with its format and content - and you need to practice examination techniques using material such as these PET exam papers from Cambridge ESOL, new for the updated March 2004 syllabus. "Cambridge Preliminary English Test 4" is the 4th collection of practice tests published by Cambridge University Press for this level. It contains: a helpful overview of the PET exam. four exam papers from Cambridge ESOL. attractive visual material to stimulate discussion and help you practise for the paired Speaking test (Paper 3). photocopiable answer sheets so you can practice transferring your answers. The Student's Book "with answers" edition also contains a...
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