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1,138 GMAT: Practice Questions  

1,138 GMAT: Practice Questions

The Princeton Review
60x84/8 768 страниц. 2016 год.
Princeton Review
Includes a full-length practice test, 60+ drills across all sections, and detailed explanations for every question! 1,138 GMAT Practice Questions helps to prepare you for every kind of question you?ll encounter on the GMAT. Each section is tackled by drilling down to core concepts and problem types, so that you can approach the test with confidence and practice your way to perfection! Extensive Practice with Integrated Reasoning Questions. ? 100 multi-part practice problems, including online questions for a realistic testing experience ? Hands-on experience with table analysis, two-part analysis, graphics interpretation, and multi-source reasoning Everything You Need to Know about Quantitative Questions. ? Tips and techniques for dealing with tricky ?trap? answers ? Subject-specific drills to strengthen algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and statistics skills Essential Exposure to Verbal Questions. ? Tactics for dealing with various passage types, including social sciences and business...
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