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Link Grammar: Elementary: Student's Book   Rachel Finnie, Angela Cussons

Link Grammar: Elementary: Student's Book

210x285 136 страниц. 2010 год.
Heinle Cengage Learning
Link is a comprehensive course that offers a clear, balanced approach to learning English. It provides an attractive and motivating link between elementary and advanced levels. Link Elementary Grammar accompanies the Link Elementary Course Book. It has been carefully researched and planned for students who need grammar practice. Key Features: Grammar points are clearly presented in short stages which are easy to cope with at this level; Clear and concise explanations accompany the grammar points, which encourage individual learning and allow students to gain a better understanding of the material; The wide variety of exercises following each grammar presentation ensure that students get plenty of practice; Grammar exercises within each unit gradually increase in difficulty to provide motivation and graded practice; Grammar points are illustrated with entertaining cartoons which offer a light-hearted start to every unit; ...
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