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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English: For Advanced Learners  

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English: For Advanced Learners

165x230 2224 страниц. 2014 год.
Pearson Education
Vocabulary and grammar are key challenges, which, when mastered, offer learners the satisfaction of being fluent in English and of reaping the professional rewards of this achievement. The last edition of the LONGMAN DICTIONARY OF CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH then added a large amount of information on collocations, showing that a word may not only have several meanings but also have vitally important (if subtle and invisible) relations with other words. For instance, hot is the opposite of cold if our topic is the weather, but of mild if we are talking about curry. Or again, one meaning of remain is 'stay', but these two verbs are not freely interchangeable: stay is far more common in general and especially in spoken English, but remain is more common when used with seated. 230 000 слов.
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