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The Thirsty Tree + CD-ROM by Adrian N. Bravi, level C   Bravi A.N.

The Thirsty Tree + CD-ROM by Adrian N. Bravi, level C

32 страниц. 2009 год.
The thirsty tree is on top of the hill under the hot sun. There is no water for the tree to drink and its leaves are yellow and thirsty, too. The tree asks Cloudbreak, a little bird with a sharp beak for help. Along with the wind’s help Cloudbreak finds a cloud and gets some water for the tree. Helbling Young Readers is an exciting new series of graded readers for Primary Schools in 5 levels. Engaging stories with beautiful full-colour illustrations, specially written to appeal to young learners of English, introduce high-frequency words in order to promote fluency from an early age. Each story is carefully graded and language is presented both as lexical groups and language functions. Accompanying Interactive Whiteboard compatible CD-ROMs include a complete reading of the story, chants and games and link to the Young Readers website. All materials use an open type font which has been devised to help children with reading difficulties. Picture Dictionary Open-out flaps with picture...
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