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Peril In Venice: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate (+ СD)   James Schofield

Peril In Venice: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate (+ СD)

Summertown Readers
135x210 96 страниц. 2008 год.
Summertown Publishing Ltd
"Summertown Readers" are aimed at young adults/adults studying business English or using English at work. The storylines offer intrigue, murder and mystery to capture the reader and encourage reading for pleasure. Each reader is supported by an audio CD and comes with a unit glossary. An exclusive wellness hotel near Venice is the holiday destination for exhausted young executive Emily Lee. However, when she gets to the Advanced Centre for Wellness and Meditation she finds not everything is as it should be. Emily needs all her courage and initiative to try to uncover what is going on. But will that be enough when even friends turn out to be treacherous?
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