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The Iconic Interior   Dominic Bradbury

The Iconic Interior

265x285 352 страниц. 2012 год.
Thames and Hudson Limited
Interiors created by artists and designers, fashion personalities and artisans, architects and set-designers - the private spaces where many experimented and lived with their inspiration - have a special significance. Featuring one hundred of the world's most important and influential spaces, by some of the great talents of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, The Iconic Interior tells the often intimate stories of these remarkable domestic designs, their creators and their clients. Every conceivable style is represented, including some that defy categorization. The book includes everyone from Alvar Aalto to Coco Chanel, Henry Moore to Piero Fornasetti, Marcel Wanders to Axel Vervoordt, Marc Newson and Karim Rashid. Interiors range from integrated spaces of architecture and built-in furniture to spirited essays in texture and fabric, breathtaking decorative follies, mind-blowing craftsmanship and elegant compositions of precision and restraint. Concise,...
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