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Living in Style: Architecture + Interiors   Chris van Uffelen

Living in Style: Architecture + Interiors

250x290 456 страниц. 2015 год.
Braun Publishing
Living in Style - everybody wants to live in Style. The number of magazines that focus on this topic is never- ending, not to mention blogs, webpages, catalogues in furniture stores, advertisements and Hollywood films; and now there is also this book. You might ask what the point of such a publication is, when there is already so much material about this topic. Well, a book doesn't just present six examples like a magazine might, and can't be altered and changed at will like a website. It is also more objective than a manufacturer's catalogue and doesn't just form the background for something else like a Hollywood film. A book takes a much more in-depth look at a subject and although it makes a selection, the selection is much more varied and still relevant years later. Despite this, such a book cannot reasonably be called timeless: This book presents projects from the last five years; current projects that are not just relevant at the moment, but also for a longer period...
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