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Places of the Soul: Architecture and Environmental Design as a Healing Art   Christopher Day

Places of the Soul: Architecture and Environmental Design as a Healing Art

150x235 328 страниц. 2010 год.
Architectural Press
For Christopher Day architecture is not just about the appearance of a building but how it is experienced. In this brand new edition of his classic text Places of the Soul we are reminded that sustainable design means more than energy efficient buildings - sustainable buildings must also provide for the soul. Treating buildings as environments intrinsic to their surroundings the book explores consensus design, economic and social sustainability, and how architectural ideas can grow organically from the requirements of places and people. This second edition, revised to incorporate new knowledge and address new issues, continues a departure from orthodox contemporary architecture, offering Day's eye-opening ideas and practical design principles. These philosophies and guidelines will be of interest and value to architects, builders, planners, developers and homeowners alike.
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