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Mrs. Howard: Room by Room   Phoebe Howard

Mrs. Howard: Room by Room

240x300 272 страниц. 2015 год.
Stewart, Tabori & Chang
Mrs. Howard, Room by Room is the Follow-up to Phoebe Howard's Critically Acclaimed Joy of Decorating and Takes Readers Even Deeper in the Design Process, Revealing the Seemingly Small but Essential Tips and Tricks that Will Help them Imbue Mrs. Howard's Celebrated Southern Style and Taste into Their Own Homes. Like a House, the Book is Divided into Rooms, with Chapters Addressing Living Rooms and Libraries, Bathrooms and Kitchens, and Even Outdoor Spaces and Children's Rooms. Images of the Most Gorgeous Examples of Rooms are Chosen from More than 12 Spectacular Homes in Locations as Diverse as New York City, Nashville, and Atlanta. Mrs. Howard, Room by Room is Sure to Capture the Hearts of her Many Fans and Will Inspire new Readers with Southern Charm and Design Ideas.
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