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Living Traditions   Smyth, Matthew Patrick

Living Traditions

2011 год.
This volume of luxurious projects by one of todays most sought-after designers showcases Matthew Patrick Smyths elegant, detail-oriented interiors that adapt to many different styles. Whether working on grand Shelter Island mansions, classically proportioned San Francisco townhouses, or demure Parisian pied-a-terres, Smyth endows every project with an unmatched attention to fine detailing and interior architecture, creating rooms of timeless beauty.Lavishly illustrated with over 200 color images, Living Traditions features a wide variety of Smyths styles, from a charming getaway on the coast of Maine to quintessentially Upper East Side city apartments to a London flat that smoothly incorporates its owners Indian heritage and antiquities collection. This volume will be a welcome addition to the library of everyone with a taste for impeccably designed classic interiors interpreted for todays sensibilities.
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