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Cybercafes: Espacios para navegar / Cybercafes: Surfing interiors  

Cybercafes: Espacios para navegar / Cybercafes: Surfing interiors

192 страниц. 2008 год.
Loft Publications
The concept of the cafе, which began as somewhere to have a drink and socialize, has suffered a transformation with the arrival of digital communication. By adding the prefix "cyber" or "Internet" this type of establishment differs from the traditional cafе by offering internet connection at an hourly rate. The snacks and drinks are now a less important aspect of the business. Today the cybercafе is considered a symbol of a world interconnected to real time, an internalization of interpersonal virtual communication in our daily routine, as a clarifying example of the vast popularization of digital technology, principally in Europe, America and Asia. This collection presents the most esthetic aspects of all those cybercafеs and their "surfing" interiors, which have survived the golden age of these establishments. It also gives examples of the wide range of typologies starting with the traditional cybercafе, and the subsequent inclusion of cyber lounges, hotel lounges, and education...
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