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Hunt Country Style   Kathryn Masson

Hunt Country Style

2008 год.
Wood-paneled libraries, sumptuously appointed interiors, mudrooms, paddocks, and stables are all signature elements of an equestrian-based style that is aspired to across the country, from Lexington, Kentucky, to Potomac, Maryland, and Greenwich, Connecticut. The beginnings and epitome of this style of interiors and architecture are to be found in Middleburg, Virginia, where for centuries a lifestyle and architecture have been honed to produce some of the most beautiful homes anywhere. This luxurious volume ranges from c. 1730 Oakland Green Farm in Loudon County - a quintessential Virginia homestead originally constructed of hand-hewn wood that has evolved to incorporate fieldstone, limestone, and locally fired brick - and historic Castle Hill in Keswick - a stately Federal mansion of brick set on more than 1,000 acres of farmland and forests - to the 1941 Henchman's Lea, an outstanding example of American Revival architecture in Fauquier County and a working farm created to allow...
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