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Scandinavian Country   JoAnn Barwick, Norma Skurka

Scandinavian Country

250x250 240 страниц. 2006 год.
Thames and Hudson Limited
Of all the European country home styles, none is more universally popular than Scandinavian Country. These fresh, light-filled northern interiors have an effortless grace that never fails to delight the eye. Now JoAnn Barwick and the editors of "House Beautiful" lead us on a tour of more than twenty exceptional residences in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland that show this immensely appealing look at its very best. The Viking rusticity of Norway's intricately carved furniture, the airy lines and pleasing proportions of classic. Swedish Gustavian pieces, the clean, pure forms of Danish design and the bold eclectic feel of Finnish homes: these interiors are both steeped in tradition and utterly contemporary. Scandinavians have a passion for colour and an abiding reverence for nature: stippled, spattered and even faux-marbled painted finishes enliven even the most humble country furniture; and an abundance of rich woods, robust tiles and crisp textiles embody the pleasures of...
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