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The Bathroom Book : The Ultimate Design Resource for the Home's Essential Space   The Editors of Woman's Day

The Bathroom Book : The Ultimate Design Resource for the Home's Essential Space

144 страниц. 2005 год.
Book DescriptionAt once a fount of ideas and a practical resource, The Bathroom Book provides a peek into some of the most attractive, functional, and original bathrooms across the country, along with guidance on how anyone can create a useful yetaesthetically pleasing space. Home design professionals from Woman?s Day and the National Kitchen and Bath Association ? the leading source of information and education for consumers and professionals ? help readers figure out whichelements of design and functionality are the most important to them and how they can be implemented. There's also expert discussion of the newest hardware, appliances, and materials available today. For anyone looking to remake a bathroom ? from thetiny guest restroom to the luxurious master bath ? The Bathroom Book provides both inspiring examples and the necessary know-how to maximize space and create a beautiful oasis in the home.
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