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The New Curtain Book : Master Classes with Today's Top Designers   Stephanie Hoppen

The New Curtain Book : Master Classes with Today's Top Designers

192 страниц. 2003 год.
Book DescriptionFrom classic swags to minimalist breaths of muslin, window coverings are no longer simply a way to keep out the sun; they're the subtle accent that can make or break the decor of a room. THE NEW CURTAIN BOOK is an innovative decorating guide filled with practical information and technical advice from the top curtain and blind makers. In what is part reference book, part showcase, Hoppen has consulted with the world's foremost interior designers. In exclusive interviews, they discuss theirinspirations, the origin of their ideas, how and why they choose fabrics, and what they see as future trends. Lush full-color photographs--400 in all--taken by Fritz von der Schulenberg highlight each designer's work, creating a master portfolio of window-covering style. THE NEW CURTAIN BOOK integrates stunning inspiration, in a range of styles from Grand Baroque to elegant contemporary, with invaluable advice from design experts to make this a truly helpful guide.
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