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Concrete Petrography: A Handbook of Investigative Techniques   Donald A. St John, Alan W. Poole and Ian Sims

Concrete Petrography: A Handbook of Investigative Techniques

488 страниц. 1998 год.
Written by acknowledged experts in the field, "Concrete Petrography" is a unique and invaluable addition to the literature on the material properties of concrete. The book covers all aspects of the petrographic study of hardened concrete and related materials, starting with the selection of sample material and its preparation as petrographic specimens. The methods of examination and equipment are then discussed, with a guide to setting up a microscope and a section on photomicrography. In the second part of the book, the chemical, the mineralogical composition and the microfabrics of concretes and related materials are discussed. An illustrated guide to the features that can be observed and identified using a petrological microscope is given. There is an extensive review of the defects, deterioration and failures which can occur in concrete together with the observations and petrographic evidence relating to them. Extensive use has been made of illustrative examples in colour,...
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