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Ekaterina: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced (+ CD)   James Schofield

Ekaterina: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced (+ CD)

Summertown Readers
130x200 96 страниц. 2008 год.
Summertown Publishing Ltd
"Summertown Readers" are aimed at young adults/adults studying business English or using English at work. The storylines offer intrigue, murder and mystery to capture the reader and encourage reading for pleasure. Each reader is supported by an audio CD and comes with a unit glossary. 'My name is Ekaterina. I am eleven years old. I am dead'. This mysterious message continuously appears on the website of the mining company Seven Continents. Macey Church and Kirill Solokov from Capstan Consultants are called in to investigate what they assume is the work of a hacker, but uncover a trail of corporate and political corruption, greed and destruction that leads to a small mine in Kazbakistan. To uncover what is happening they must risk their reputations, jobs and lives, even though they fear they are already too late.
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