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The Ultimate Garage   Jeanne Huber

The Ultimate Garage

160 страниц. 2005 год.
Oxmoor House
Book DescriptionFor some, it?s a refuge. For others, a game room. Whatever your need, The Ultimate Garage helps you plan, organize, build, and refurbish to transform your garage into a space that works for you. The book showcases a wide variety of garages that will inspire readers to create space for hobbies, crafts, exercise, play areas, and much more. Details on store-bought and homemade storage solutions, plus recommendations on flooring, heating, and lighting, give you all the information you need. Add a mini-fridge?or full-size freezer?and you're good to go! Key Features: * How to get organized so you can use that prime real estate for something more than just storing the car * Hundreds of photos showcasing garages used for a wide variety of interests, including woodworking, arts and crafts, exercise rooms, hobbies, car and bike workshops, and play areas * What kind of lighting is best for working on hobbies? What kind of flooring should I choose for my work...
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