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A Dictionary of Finance  

A Dictionary of Finance

130x195 314 страниц. 1993 год.
Oxford University Press
A Dictionary of Finance is a companion volume to A Concise Dictionary of Business (also in Oxford Reference). It is intended for students and professionals in the field of finance as well as private investors and the readers of the financial pages of newspapers. The 3300 entries in this book cover the vocabulary used in banking, money markets, foreign exchanges, financial futures and options, commodity markets, and takeovers and mergers, as well as business loans and debt-collecting. Public finance is also included, with a substantial coverage of the terms used in government finance, the money supply, public-sector borrowing, local finance, central banking, and European finance. The private investor and borrower will find full coverage of terms relating to savings, stock-exchange dealing, mortgages, pensions, life assurance, and taxation. The contributors and editors of this book have been at great pains to make the entries as clear and as easy to understand as...
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