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The Love of a King: Stage 2   Peter Dainty

The Love of a King: Stage 2

Oxford Bookworms Library
150x210 2008 страниц. 2013 год.
Oxford University Press
Would you like to be a king? To be rich and famous? Do you want to be the centre of every crowd? Do you want everyone to be looking at you? All the time? Every day? A king is never alone. Someone is always watching him - his detectives, photographers, a thousand people in the street. Everyone knows his face, and he must be careful what he does, because he can do nothing in secret. And what a king says today, the world hears tomorrow. So he must be careful what he says, because someone is always listening . . . But can a king be happy? What happens if he wants something, but he cannot have it? What does he do then? This is the true story of King Edward VIII of Great Britain; a man who fell in love, and who wanted to be happy . . .
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